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Hello Friends, This is my first story. My name is Anju and I live in Delhi. My mom is not a papa, I used to live near my maternal uncle. But they gave me a rented house near my college. In which I live now So let me start my story now. Call Girl Service in Andheri

My age was that time of 20 years and I was at 2nd Air. The hot and handsome Call Girl Number Andheri heads were all of our college He used to teach mathematics. In fact, there was a handshake that all the college girls wanted to come under them. If I tell the truth then I too was one of them. I too wanted to fuck them all night and come down to them. Female Escort Services in Andheri

Call Girl Andheri Whatsapp NumberI used to think Independent Call Girl Andheri head was very wet. And I was quite hosier in mathematics anyway. I used to think mathematics very well, I was sitting in front of everyone in the whole class. As soon as the head came, I used to stand in class and read the class. Just like this, a lot of time has passed and everything is going well. Now my final exam was near, but only then I got sick. I was alone in the house. That’s why I used to stay at home all day. Escort in Andheri

Those guys, I was not able to attend classes too. One day a head of the call came to me, so I told him his problem that I can not come because of illness, but I can not come. The head asked me that I can come home to see you. The head came to my house in the evening that day. My condition was really bad, I was not even standing. The head grabbed me and the head looked at my condition and said to me, Manju, you go to your house. I do not think you can not live alone here. Call Girl in Andheri with Photo

I am not the head of mine, my mother is Daddy. That’s why I live alone at home. The head said, “If you do not mind if your study is getting worse then I can come to you in the evening evening to study you.” After hearing this I was thinking but after thinking of a few seconds I started my head. From the very next day the head started studying me to come to my house. Escort Agency in Andheri

One day it was raining that day. When the head came home, they were completely drenched. They were trembling completely in and coming in. I was afraid that they would not feel cold. I quickly gave them a towel and went inside to cook the kitchen. When I gave head to the head, then he caught my hand. And told me I love you I love you. Andheri Call Girl Whatsapp Number

That time got worse due to my shame. I did not speak anything and went away. After some time, they started studying me. Then the next day when he came, I did not know. I was taking that time and I was alone at home. That’s why I came out in the towel outside. When I saw the head sitting on the front bed, I became ashamed of myself. Then he got up and came to me and said, ‘I am very good at your figure.’ Cheap Andheri Escorts

I was not in a position to say anything Then they lifted me in the lap. And then took me on the bed. When did he come to me and come to me? I did not even know. That night it was raining so he said that I can not go to my house today. So today I will stay at your house. I got up and went to the kitchen after dipping my clothes. My big cock was on my pussy. By which I had gone crazy. VIP Escorts in Andheri

I did not know that once the cock touched, the girl goes crazy to pick her up. Then both of us got together and then they started studying me. When do I study when I got to sleep I do not even know In the sleep, the head did me loudly. Who had raised me up? I did not say anything, and they started to do me everywhere. He came to my ear and said softly. Did you have sex before. Never before had I seen till today so I did not say so. They said that no matter what today I will have sex with you. Yes you will have pain but after that you will come to the fun. That fun will not come to you in your entire life. Call Girl Service Andheri

Now, what I said, they removed all my clothes. I was now completely naked. Then they started sucking my boobs. After sucking both boots and sucking red, they came to my pussy. And sucking the whole pussy to the sucking and wetting. I sucked her 7 inch lund and wet her cocks. After sucking cocks, they picked up my two legs and rolled my cock into my pussy. And my life got out. But the pain remained about 20 minutes. Call Girl Number on Whatsapp Andheri